No other theatre school gives you so much…

Fusion is a new theatre school and perhap the most exciting new concept in dance, drama and singing training for youngsters for years.

Our teachers are the best, all with wide and recent experience of performing, our syllabus second-to-none.

Besides that, we have an ambitious outreach programme and are proud to have the support of a truly impressive group of patrons, from actors Ewan McGregor, Dame Joan Plowright and Lynda Bellingham, to musical theatre and cabaret star Maria Friedman and award-winning dancer and choreographer Matthew Bourne.

Whether you are planning a career in the performing arts, or just want to have fun, the Fusion experience will give you a respect, and a love, for the performing arts that will bring you pleasure for the rest of your life.

What’s in a name?

Our name is inspired by a belief that dance,
drama and singing are not mutually exclusive disciplines to be taught in isolation, and that, by bringing them together, we will give our students the chance to experience how each discipline is informed and enriched by the others.

Take acting, for example. Actors and singers need to feel a fluidity with their bodies, to know about posture and breathing.

They need stamina, too, which comes from training in dance. Similarily dancers need to act, to convey emotion.

And what sets the great singers apart is their ability to get to the emotional core of the song — to act, in other words, but to music.

If you love acting, but dread singing, or love singing but dread dancing, Fusion can help improve your all-round performance more than you dreamed possible.

What’s so special about Fusion?

Everything, actually. We’ve mentioned our patrons from Ewan McGregor to Thandi Newton.
Many have an active input in the running of Fusion and will be presenting our unique Fusion Masterclasses.

Where else can you learn from performers who have made it to the top of their chosen fields? Beyond that, we believe that, more than any other theatre school, we are aware that we are training potential performers and creators for the 21st century. Which means that we have a more contemporary attitude.

So, while we teach the techniques of working on stage, we have modules on camera technique, on working on television, video and film, and on television presenting.

Put together, this training can greatly enhance your potential for work in the modern entertainment industry.

What do we look for in prospective students?

In a word? Passion. If you have that, and a willingness to learn, we can help you develop your performing skills to the highest possible level.

Although students are chosen for their potential, enthusiasm and commitment, we do not exist only to teach those who plan to work professionally in the performing arts. We believe the kind of training we offer will promote confidence, self-awareness, communication skills, empathy, imagination, creativity and discipline, all skills that will help you, whatever your aims.

By nurturing each child’s individual creativity, we hope to create a real sense of belonging and to make Fusion a place where you look forward to coming each week, where you feel empowered and stimulated. Starry-eyed ambition aside, a training at Fusion is a training for life!